10 Best-Rated GPS for Truck Drivers


Following 47 hours of truck driving during which we tested some amazing GPS devices, it became apparent that Gamin Nuvi 57LM is the best GPS for most people. It features a very simple design by Garmin that’s sleek and yet capable of handling the top priorities of truckers for better service delivery.

The touchscreen, for example, lets you access the Foursquare search tool to instantly lookup unfamiliar destinations. Once you find that destination Garmin Real Directions helps you to get there without delay via precise direction using landmarks and traffic lights.

With a five-inch display, free lifetime map updates, and Direct Access technology for locations harder to navigate, the Nuvi 57LM is the best choice for truckers.

Here is what we feel are hands down the best trucking GPS:


Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator

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According to just about every Garmin navigation review this model GPS for truckers is like having a copilot in the seat next to you. It performs so many handy tasks. This GPS system can plot a course on navigation maps for you and even tell you when you cross state lines.

One of its best features are its warnings along your planned route. It will alert you to traffic problems so you can quickly reroute to save time.

  • Customized truck routing
  • Stores critical log information
  • Truck and Trailer Services Directory
  • 7” glass display
  • Displays route warnings
  • Free lifetime maps
  • No user traffic warning input
  • No RV mode

Garmin dezl 570LMT

Garmin dezl 570LMT 5 Truck GPS Navigation

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This unit is not quite as fancy as its sister unit the 770LMTHD. It’s still a very good GPS unit for 18 wheeler trucks though. It will let you do such things as easily plan out multi-stop long haul trips. A GPS unit like this can be an invaluable ally for any truck driver that owns it.

You don’t have to worry about traffic noise or noise from your tractor either. The 570LMT’s enhanced speakers can be easily heard at all times too.

  • Easily plan even multi-stop routes
  • Lifetime map updates
  • Current traffic advisories
  • Loud spoken directions
  • 5” glass display
  • Displays route warnings
  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Included case could be bigger

Garmin nüvi 55LM

Garmin nüvi 55LM

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Are you looking for a GPS for semi-trucks but not convinced how much you will use them. This budget model from Garmin can help you there. You can introduce yourself to how handy these navigational devices for large trucks are without making a big investment.

It has an easy to read 5-inch display that will do things such as suggest which lane you should be in as you approach a turn. The 55LM from Garvin will even find a gas station or rest area not too far ahead of where you currently are.

  • 5 inch dual-orientation display
  • Lane assist feature
  • Natural speaking voice technology
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Preloaded maps and speed limits
  • Up-ahead feature
  • The skipped turned messages can be annoying
  • Takes some time to learn

Gamin Nuvi 57LM

Garmin Nuvi 57LM 5-Inch GPS Navigator

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This is one of Garmin’s simplest GPS systems for truckers but it’s still a top-rated GPS device. It has everything you want in a less fancy GPS to use in your rig. That includes easy to use touch screen controls and simplified direct navigation choices.

That is not all you get with this model GPS. It has a good resolution 5-inch display and offers you free lifetime map updates too. This GPS even gives directions using landmarks.

  • Includes Foursquare Directory access
  • Free lifetime maps
  • Directions with landmarks
  • Clear 5” display screen
  • Simplified direct navigation
  • Free lifetime maps
  • Too large to use in pedestrian mode
  • Maps need to updated right after purchasing

Xgody 886

Xgody 886

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There are very few affordable GPS systems with good 7-inch touch screen displays. This model from Xgody has all that and more. It’s also a very user friendly truck navigating device.

Driving a big rig is hard enough without having problems navigating too. With highly detailed maps and loud, clear voice commands; this GPS will take some of the strain off you as you drive.

  • Male or female voice selection
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • 8 gigs of data storage
  • 7 inch screen
  • Unique HGV features for truckers
  • Lane guidance suggestions
  • Short battery life
  • Screen seems very affected by glare

Rand McNally TND530

Rand McNally TND530 Truck GPS

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One of the better GPS systems for truckers is the Rand McNally TND530. It’s consistently rated very high in customer reviews. That is not surprising with how much this unit will help any professional truck driver when they are on the job.

You would expect Rand McNally to be the kings of routing information and they prove that with this GPS. You can also do such things with it as have it give you road hazard alerts. Its Wi-Fi connection comes in handy for getting real time information too.

  • Up to 35% more truck routing information
  • Wi-Fi connected services
  • Useful information such as toll costs on a route
  • 5-inch LCD display
  • Search travel centers by amenities provided
  • Programmable alerts for road hazards and maintenance
  • Wi-Fi apps could use improvement
  • Short battery life

Rand McNally 528013076 Intelliroute 8″

Rand McNally 528013076 Intelliroute 8

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Here is what we feel is Rand McNally’s best GPS system. It will really help aid navigation for professional truckers. The handy GPS will also function as a smart tablet too. So you get the best of both worlds it; easy internet connectivity and a very useful GPS navigation device.

It comes with several preloaded applications too. Some will help with trucking related tasks. Others are for entertainment or personal help. It even has a built-in dash cam.

  • GPS and Android tablet combination
  • Many useful preloaded applications
  • Logging and truck related information storage
  • 7”+ LCD display
  • Built-in dash cam
  • User friendly interface
  • Heavy at almost 3 pounds
  • Dash cam app needs work

TomTom VIA 1605TM

TomTom VIA 1605TM

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A GPS should be considered a key part of any truck drivers gear and accessories. Units like this one from TomTom can make travelling by truck much easier. The features it offers like advanced lane guidance can help keep you out of undesirable driving situations.

The display on this TomTom model GPS is clear and easy to read. It comes with lifetime traffic and maps also. When you need a break you can even check out the local points of interest with it.

  • Lifetime traffic and maps
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Clear and colorful images
  • 6-inch touchscreen display
  • Roadside assistance connection
  • Indicates local points of interest
  • Small onscreen keyboard
  • Takes some time to learn to work it

Xgody 16GB 826BT

Xgody 16GB 826BT

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You rarely see 16GB of storage in any GPS system. This one from Xgody has it. That gives you the ability to store truck data, trip data and many detailed maps. It will really help simplify your travels and information logging.

It also has such nice features as lane change assistance and a large 7” display screen. You can even choose whether you want your directions from a male or female voice.

  • 16GB internal memory
  • Lane changing assistance
  • Lifetime map updates
  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Male or female voice selection
  • Several safety alerts
  • Short battery life
  • Can be difficult to see the screen on bright days

Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM

Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM

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This company is a known leader as far as manufacturing GPS systems goes. This model for truckers from Magellan certainly does not disappoint. It is absolutely loaded with maps, rote planning ability and other navigation features.

You can even use the handy AAA Tourbook it has to find good restaurants and places to stop. Its blue tooth connection will turn the GPS into a hands-free smart phone too.

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Lifetime traffic and maps
  • AAA Tourbook
  • Stored searches
  • 7-inch WVGA display
  • Highway lane assist
  • Short battery life
  • Screen could be brighter
Each of these best-rated truck GPS systems will greatly enhance your professional truck driving experience.

GPS Features for Commercial Truck Drivers

Here are some of the key features of commercial vehicle GPS systems designed for truckers that will make the runs you take in your big rig a whole lot simpler. Keep in mind that not every GPS device for truckers will have every single one of these. The more they have that pertain to your individual needs the better.

Driver log information recording

There are few things more tedious for an over the road driver than mandated information logging. It is a necessary evil for sure. A GPS system that can help automate this task for you is great to have.

Roadway hazard and delay alerts

“Time is money” is a very old saying. It’s especially true in the trucking business. Delays can be costly to both drivers and the company. That is why a GPS device that will alert you to possible delays and hazards is so handy to have. It can save you hours of time when you might have otherwise been stuck in traffic.

Fuel logging/Truck data

Here is another important task for professional truckers that some GPS systems can help you with. That is the ability to log your fuel and other truck information. Again every task for a truck driver that is mandated is easier if you can automate it somewhat. This includes maintenance checks, fuel logging and safety inspections.

Roadway stop search

Federal law limits pro truckers to so many hours of driving each day. When it’s about time to stop you need information on the area. A good trucker’s GPS will do such things as tell you what amenities are available at the next truck stop. They will also have area restaurant, hotel and shopping information available.

Free map updates

There are few things that change more often than roadways and highways. As a professional driver you need the latest information on these. That is why a GPS system with free lifetime map updates is great to own. You will always have access to the latest roadway information with this service.

Preferred lane assistance

Anyone who has ever driven a large commercial vehicle like an 18-wheeler knows one of the most difficult tasks when doing it is safely changing lanes. Many of today’s advanced GPS for CMV are made to help with this. Miles away from your next turn they will start to position you in the proper lane. This makes entering, exiting and turning on roadways much easier and safer.

Useful roadway data

Roadway border crossings, height restrictions, weight limits and railroad crossings are things that pro truck drivers need to be aware of. A truckers GPS will either alert you to these things or allow you to see where they are as you approach them.

Multi-destination freight run planning

You may be a driver that works for a company that does not always deliver full loads. Partial loads to different places require special planning. Planning is the key to helping multi-stop runs go smoothly. Many GPS systems for truckers can help you plan drops at several places on one trip.

Backup camera compatible

Another tough task for big rig drivers is backing up. There are now special cameras to help assist with this task. It also helps if you buy a GPS for trailers that will allow you to hook up a backup camera into them. This minimizes the space that separate displays would take up.

Speed alerts

Today’s big trucks drive exceptionally smooth. So smooth that it sometimes becomes hard to judge your speed as the miles go by. A GPS that you can program an alert into is very helpful here. It will sound an alarm when you go so many miles an hour over the posted speed limit. It’s a nice GPS option to have.

How to Buy the Best GPS System for Long Haul Trucking

Here are the main advantages that owning a GPS system gives you if you are a pro truck driver:

Seamless rout planning

When you are an over the road driver you want to get where you are going in the shortest time. You also want to have a trip that is easy. This is true whether you make just one stop or have any drop-offs. A good GPS will help you plan a smooth trip.

Helps avoid lengthy and costly delays

When reviewing top systems we look for a GPS that will alert you to possible delays and traffic problems. You and your company will not profit while you sit idle. A good GPS can save you a lot of stress and frustration because of traffic problems too.

Promotes safety

GPS’s help make your runs safer too. That is why you need to buy navigation unit which features such things as a lane change assist. If your GPS also alerts you to possible hazards in your path that is nice too. These include low bridges, railroad x-ings and heavy traffic areas.

Helps with logging and other pertinent trip records

The best GPS systems on the market will also help you with your important paperwork. You can log your driving hours, fuel usage and other pertinent truck data right on them. A good GPS navigation kit will make your time spent on the road much simpler.