Walmart Truck Driver Salaries & Jobs

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that is said to be the world’s largest company with revenue at $480 billion. The company is also leading the largest private employer with over 2.3 million of workers. It all started way back in 1962 when Sam Walton opened up a small Walmart Discount City Store. With the store’s success, the company expanded to 24 stores in just a few years’ time.

Today, the company holds around 1,700 stores and clubs across 28 different countries. Considering how gigantic the company has become, they are requiring more and more truck drivers to deliver their goods across the nation.

If you believe you’re cut out to be a truck driver at Walmart, there are some things you might want to consider before applying.

Drive for Walmart transportation


Logistics operations hold a crucial role in the company’s success. They are solely responsible for the delivery and transportation of goods, to each and every Walmart branch across the nation. Even with 8,000 current drivers already employed, Walmart still continuously seeks both new and experienced drivers. Speaking of Walmart’s huge presence, it’s not really a question why truck drivers are still in demand.

Landing a driving career with Walmart transportation is seen as a good fortune. This is due to the fact that drivers under the company’s name are known to earn one of the biggest salaries and the best benefits amongst drivers. That is of course if you qualify and acquire the necessary skills needed. As stated by a few Walmart truck driver reviews, it is a little strict but highly rewarding.

Similar to some of the reputable trucking companies, they have strict requirements for hiring. Those with clean driving records and enough experience are given priority. This includes your Class A License and endorsement. Moreover, it would be best for you to apply at Walmart stores that are in close proximity. That is because the company prefers individuals that wouldn’t be burdened by the long drives to work.

Owner operator truck driver career with Walmart

It goes without saying that Owner-Operator truck drivers have better salaries than just being a truck driver. But that’s not all. Working with Walmart will not only get you a better salary, but also exclusive benefits. These would include consistent mileage and predictable loads.

To qualify as an Owner-Operator truck driver, you’ll need to have a valid Class A CDL. You would also be required to have at least 12 months of experience as a Class A driver. You can then either choose between leasing a truck or purchasing one. That being said, it is a serious responsibility and will involve financial investment.

Once you’ve accomplished all that needs to be accomplished, you will likely fall under “Dedicated Fleet” operators. You’ll need to transport goods or packages along a few routes with the same clients over and over.

One of the best things about being an Owner-Operator truck driver is freedom. You’ll be your own boss and will not answer to no one except yourself. As long as you keep your clients happy and satisfied, you can grow your business in just a matter of time.

Walmart truck driver salary

walmart-trucking-jobsThe comparison between the average annual salary of truck drivers across the nation and Walmart is a little surprising. According to some reports, the median annual salary for truck drivers can only go from $50,000 up to $60,000. Compare that to the average salaries for Walmart truck driver that can go up to $78,000 without cash benefits and compensations even.

A cash bonus you can expect from Walmart is their quarterly bonus. You are eligible to receive this bonus as long as you maintain a safe driving record. All in all, cash bonuses a truck driver can receive working with Walmart can go from $3,000 up to $4,000.

There are other perks you can acquire as well. It may not be solid cash, but it does have great value.

  • Health Insurance – Walmart offers affordable healthcare insurance. This includes dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Employee Discount – All Walmart employees have a 10% discount on all purchases in-store.
  • Retirement – You’ll be given a 401k savings plan. The company is said to match your contributions up to 6%. Some even stated it can go up to 10%, which is a considerable amount.

The numbers stated here are dependent on your location and the number of days you are allowed to work. To add, it would also depend on what type of truck driving jobs you’ve applied for. Rest assured, Walmart drivers have better pay grade than most trucking companies.

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OTR trucking for Walmart

Unlike the Hands-free trucking job, OTR driving requires a little more than simply driving. The pay is not disclosed, but normally it is significantly higher than that of the average.

Benefits and Requirements

The benefits you will be receiving as an OTR driver under Walmart would be multiple health options, vision and dental plans, and discounts in-store and online. You will be also eligible for the 401(k) and stock purchase plans.

Requirements are a little stricter than usual. Most are CDL jobs that will require you to have at least 30 months of driving experience as a Class A tractor/trailer driver. You should also have no moving violations while operating a commercial or personal automotive within the past three years. That also includes traffic violations and preventable accidents.

Last but not least, you should have no convictions by a DUI, OUI, DWI, or reckless driving within the past ten years. If these requirements are not met, chances of getting hired are very slim.

Apply for a Job

Before applying for the job, here are some job descriptions you might want to know.

  • You’ll be in charge of maintaining records of your cargo in paperwork and electronic logs.
  • You’ll be adhering to the company’s safety requirements.
  • You’ll be planning routes based on the traffic laws and local restrictions.
  • You’ll be communicating with clients and other employees verbally and/or through writing.
  • You should be able to lift, pull, push and carry tools/objects above shoulder without assistance.
  • You should be able to operate other large power equipment.
  • You will be required to travel to multiple facilities or work sites.

If you’ve decided to drive for Walmart, you can apply through their official website at and check for their driving careers. You can also go to their nearest branch where you can submit your application.