CT Transportation Pay Scale

CT-Transportation-truckCT Transportation LLC is one company you should take a look at if you reside in the Southeast region of the United States. Established in 1939, this company’s operation today comprises a short haul flatbed division, a regional flatbed division, a dedicated fleet, and premium brokerage and logistics.

Regional drivers bring territorial knowledge for efficient freight transport. Short haul drivers working inside a 150-mile radius deliver freight from docks to distribution centers.

The dedicated fleet aids customers interested in saving money on a private fleet by outsourcing. Lastly, the brokerage division handles customer fulfillment, outsourcing, and logistics on tricky routes and destinations.

About the CT Transportation Trucking Company

CT TransportationThe CT Transportation trucking company is one of four companies or subsidiaries under Comcar Industries, inc., which was established in 1953. Comcar has its headquarters in Auburndale, Florida and CT Transportation LLC has its corporate headquarters in Port Wentworth, in the state of Georgia.

The company was initially known as Coastal Transport & Trading Company (CT does not stand for Connecticut). It grew from fifty trailers and twenty-five tractors in 1968 to a fleet made up of one-hundred and twenty flatbed trailers and 70 tractors in 1986 when the company had a merger with Comcar. It was not until 2006 that the company changed its name to CT Transportation LLC.

Driver Requirements

  • Drivers have to be 21 years of age or older.
  • Should be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing the English language.
  • Must have a TWIC certification.
  • Verifiable work history should be presented.
  • Submit to and pass DOT physical and drug testing.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • Possess Tanker endorsement.
  • Possess Hazmat endorsement.
  • Possess a clean MVR.


  • Dental Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Vision Insurance.
  • Access to a 401(k) account that is company matched.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Holiday coverage (6 in total).
  • Veterans and active reserves receive a bonus of 6000 dollars.
  • CDL test waivers for veterans who qualify.
  • Access to a spending account with minimal restrictions.
  • Disability coverage.
  • Tuition-free training for those who commit driving for the company when training is over.
  • Breakdown, Layover, and Detention coverage.

CT Transportation Jobs and Pay Scale

CT-Transportation-Pay-ScaleCT Transportation pay scale depends on what jobs you get hired for. Whether you are employed in the OTR division, the short haul division or dedicated company driver division, how much you earn as salary also depends on experience. Generally speaking, however, you can expect the following in terms of base pay and other programs:

  • Weekly earnings ranging from 750 dollars to as much as 905 dollars.
  • 1800 to 2300 miles available every week to ensure you get paid on short hauls or long haul OTR trucking.
  • The road warrior Program, designed to cater to drivers committed to hauling loads in specified regular two-week periods without time off on weekends, offers drivers in the program 2000 dollars guarantee and an increased rate per mile to 0.02 cents per mile.
  • A more flexible Weekend Warrior Program allows drivers to pick any weekend they find convenient to work for some extra income with a guarantee of 400 dollars.
  • Not enrolling in either of the aforementioned programs means you are likely to spend weekends at home and if you are a short haul driver, you get to be home two times in a week in addition to home time on weekends.

Information available on Indeed.com gives us a breakdown of what you can expect based on current and former employees’ earnings:

  • The average salary per hour is 9.49 dollars per hour.
  • The average weekly salary for dedicated company drivers is 743 dollars a week.
  • The average weekly salary for over the road truckers is 826 dollars a week.

These figures appear to be sufficiently within the pay scale the company advertises. We can conclude that those receiving the highest weekly salaries have the potential of making as much as 42000 dollars every year while entry-level or beginner drivers earning 743 dollars a week make a yearly income below the national average.

CT Transportation Orientation

CT-Transportation-OrientationOrientation at CT Transportation offices in Port Wentworth, Savannah GA, is paid and newly graduated students are entitled to tuition reimbursement of up to 6000 dollars over the course of twenty-five months.

There is a catch: in order to be a beneficiary of the aforementioned benefit, you will have to commit to working for the company for two years following graduation from CT driving schools.

  • Training takes three to four weeks at a rate of 500 dollars per week.
  • Orientation pay starting from Tuesday to Thursday at a rate of 100 dollars per day.
  • Paid accommodation/lodging, paid travel, and meal coverage.
  • 100 dollars per day for the advanced training program that runs from Friday through Tuesday.

CT Hiring Area

  • Louisville, Alabama.
  • Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Apollo Beach, S.Gibsonton, Florida.
  • Bridgeport, Alabama.
  • Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Savannah, Georgia.
  • West Point, Virginia.
  • Mocksville, North Carolina.

CT Transportation Reviews

We can get a better picture of what working with CT Transportation is like from what past and current employees have to say about their experience. You can find these reviews on Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com. The reviews are generally mixed with some of them being favorable and others not so much.

One former employee wrote a review on Indeed.com and was happy with the way they kept to their word when it came to home time on weekends but also urged management to work on the communication between dispatch/terminals and the drivers.

Another former trucker reviewed the company on Glassdoor.com and praised the company as a good starter company with an easy, stress- free environment.

In his experience starting early in the morning typically means that you’re done by 2 or 3 in the afternoon. However, he had complaints about the pay scale being below the national average regardless of experience. Other reviews were harshly critical of the company’s treatment of drivers and company equipment including trucks.

One driver urged interested persons not to waste their time for what, in his view, amounts to cheapskates. He complained about the lousy pay and the company’s inability to wash their trucks in the two and a half years he spent working for CT transportation. Another called out the company’s lack of maintenance when trucks break down and warned that drivers can’t support their families working for this company.