Dump Truck Driving Training: How to Become a Dump Truck Driver

There is no denying that the entire world is developing at an uncontrollable pace. Technologies are advancing faster than ever, and countless construction sites started appearing from everywhere. A good time to be a dump truck driver I’d have to say.

The ‘Salary’ is one question we all have in mind. It may not be on par with OTR drivers at around $34,000 annually, but the labor is less stressful. With that in mind, you might want to consider a career driving a dump truck. While it is indeed a seasonal job, the demand for it hasn’t been in decline.

Training to Get The Job

Training to become a tip truck driver is not an easy task. Unlike the OTR driving jobs, applicants need a Class B Commercial Driver’s License instead of a Class A. The training usually lasts around 3 to 7 weeks. It will mostly depend on what school and location you’ve enrolled in.

As you may already have guessed, dump truck training is required to land a job as a tip truck driver. It’s somewhat similar to most truck driver training, but with a few notable differences. The few differences, however, will determine if you have what it takes to be one.

You, of course, will be trained by a professional or someone with enough experience. You will learn how to operate heavy machinery and how to properly maneuver them. You will learn the safety standards that the law requires. You will also be required to pass both written and practical exams.

For beginners, it is recommended that you take driving lessons beforehand. It would all just be a waste of time, money and effort if you haven’t a clue about driving trucks. But above all else, you will need to have a Class B CDL before you can enroll for training.

What is a Dump Truck


The use of such trucks only started around 1910 and has been used almost every time around construction sites since then. It originated from simple wagons and has evolved into these massive trucks with a bed usually controlled by hydraulic technology.

Mainly, the idea of a tipper is to transport heavy raw materials to and from construction sites, mines, and quarries. Usually, the weight of the cargo can go from 26,000 pounds and higher. From small to large quantities, drivers must have the skill and the knack to maneuver around obstacles using heavy vehicles. From paved roads to rough roads, drivers also should have an idea how to control their vehicle as to not overturn.

The Requirements

Before diving into the world of dump truck drivers, there are requirements that need to be met.

  • License

Having a Class A CDL will not do. Drivers are required to have a Class B CDL instead. The reason can be simply explained by the combined weight of your vehicle and your cargo. Class A drivers can’t go beyond the limit of 26,000 pounds. Class B drivers, on the other hand, are trained to operate vehicles with a combined cargo weight of more than 26,000 pounds. As an added bonus, you can also tow vehicles that are less than 10,000 pounds in weight.

  • Training

There are a few similarities except for a few differences as mentioned above. On-site and Online training is also made available to potential truck drivers. Before anyone can enroll, one must have a Class B CDL.

  • DOT Medical Card

Department of Transportation medical examination takes truck driving seriously, especially with a cargo weight of at least 10,000 pounds. It’s just a simple physical and mental examination to determine if you are fit to drive. This would include your past and present conditions as a driver. This is to ensure that the driver is capable of carrying out safety precautions and inspections.

  • Think of Endorsements for Special Load

It’s not actually a requirement, but a recommendation. It’s simply to get a higher chance of getting hired from endorsements with the likes of HAZMAT and passenger. You’ll, however, need to take additional CDL training courses, classes, and tests.

Dump Truck Driver Schools


Dump truck driver schools do exist. Just like any other driving schools, you’ll need to have a proper driver’s training. Though there are other ways of getting trained within the industry, you’ll probably want to stick with a legit truck driving school.

Before you can drive a dump truck, you’ll need to have your own Class B CDL. Take note, truck driving training is different from getting an actual commercial driver’s license. To simply put, CDL is just your first step and opens a long list of opportunities and careers. Also, there’s an age requirement for Class B CDL, 18 years of age for intrastate and 21 and above for interstate.

There are numerous schools available that are online and probably near your location. They usually offer different types of programs, but with a single focus which is truck driving. Just like any regular jobs, individuals will be selected. Once picked, you can start with your training with a fee that will depend on the school. It can go from $1,500 up to $6,000.

How to Get The Job?

Since dump truck drivers usually operate locally, landing a job can be difficult. That is unless you’re willing to apply nationally, where job offers are aplenty.

A good place to start looking is the internet. The Internet is full of job opportunities for dump truck drivers or any type of driving for that matter. You might also want to check Craigslist which usually has job openings every once in a while.

Next place to search for are locations near you. Look for companies that have a strong presence in the area or those that are involved with other industries. With a reputable company, chances are you will have consistent work. On top of that, it will just be a short drive away from home.

Remember, getting hired will always rely on how you prove yourself as a dump truck driver. Of course, the requirements should also be met. Having enough experience will easily land you a job, but same goes with new drivers, as long you know where to look.