How Much Do Fedex Drivers Make?

Thinking of a career at FedEx? We can understand why. When you think of a shipping company, FedEx is one of the names that come to mind. And deservingly so.

This American multinational courier organization was founded in 1971. This speaks volumes regarding the experience it has in the delivery industry.

For that reason alone we get why you’d want to join such a well established & reputable company. One of the main benefits of being employed at FedEx is it recognizes and acknowledges the individual effort. You’re rewarded over & above your salary if you show initiative that benefits the company.

Fedex Employee Bonuses & Benefits

fedex-driverFedEx pays an average of $3 874 for employee bonuses per year. The bonus pay ranges from $125 to $39 000 annually depending on performance and your post in the organization. $125 is the lowest average annual bonus if you work as a package handler.

If you’re a Managing Director or work in Sales & Marketing you get the highest bonus packages of around $39 000. Note that this information was taken from a pay schedule of one of the Marketing personnel.

It’s clear that FedEx offers very attractive & comprehensive packages that cover various aspects including benefits and salaries.

FedEx recognizes the importance of its employees and that its success primarily depends on a motivated workforce. As a result not only does it value the quality of work the staff puts in but also the quality of life they live. That’s why it has the following reward programs in place:

  • Healthcare program: Here you’re covered for both medical and dental issues that may arise.
  • Tuition assistance: FedEx understands the value of education and believes that employees must continually upgrade themselves. To encourage this it offers subsidies if you want to further your studies.
  • Discounted travel: For those times you want to travel, working for FedEx means you’ll get discounted air tickets.
  • Paid off time: Unlike some companies that don’t compensate you if you miss a day of work for personal reasons, that’s not the case with FedEx. On the contrary personal milestones are celebrated with no discrimination whatsoever. Whether it’s maternity or paternity leave, you’re not penalized for missing work as you’re still paid in full—even wedding leave.
  • Pension: Your wellbeing is not only important to FedEx when you’re employed, but even long after you’ve retired. They offer attractive pension packages so you still enjoy some degree of financial security after you’ve left.

With regards to work-related benefits, as mentioned earlier they reward individual performance. You’ll get a salary increase based on how you perform. Simply put: The harder you work the more you earn.
What you must know is Fedex is a progressive company which encourages new ideas even from staff—not just top management. For this reason, it offers incentives to reward both individual and team contributions.
Still, on the subject of appreciating employees, there are a number of reward programs that are offered by FedEx to celebrate their staff’s achievements. These are meant to motivate and drive the workforce into performing at their highest level. We’ll discuss a few below.

Five Star Award

This is the highest award of honor you can receive from FedEx. Basically, it recognizes the employee who has significantly improved the service and profitability of the company.

The same employee also understands the importance of teamwork and practices it, all while displaying the highest level of professionalism.

Excellence Award

This is another of the prestigious awards. With this award, you must have displayed leadership qualities and some level of creativity. Also, you must have gone an extra mile to please and support the customers.

Purple Promise Award

This one is for team members who are consistent with regards to their customer service—both for internal and external customers. In short, the harder you work, the more income you get.

Humanitarian Award

FedEx isn’t only concerned with how you conduct yourself during office hours. Any positive contribution to society even after working hours is recognized. After all, it has a direct impact on the image of FedEx as you’ll be representing the company wherever you are.

This includes anything from helping an injured person on the side of the road or reaching out to others in times of need.

How Much Do Fedex Drivers Make: Pay Scale

Drivng PositionsFedex Salaries
per hourper yearper mile
City Driver$23.56$67 197 $0.55
Delivery Driver$12 - $31$36 000$0.60
Tractor Trailer Driver$19.87 –$28.57$39 500$0.70
Freight Road Driver$24$48 000$0.60
LTL Driver$14$75 770$0.50 - $0.70

Fedex Delivery Driver Salary


You might be wondering exactly how much do Fedex drivers make. The salaries are largely dependent on a number of factors including route and years of experience.

However, the salaries can range between $12 to $31 dollars per hour. A typical delivery driver has a minimum wage of approximately $36 000 per year. Note that this figure has bonuses and additional incentives included.

Fedex City Driver Salary

As seen in the chart above city driver is the second highest paid driver at FedEx after the LTL driver. They earn approximately $23.56 per hour and $67 197 per annum. Of importance is that one of the requirements of becoming a FedEx Freight city driver is having a CDL license.

Fedex Freight Jobs

fedex-frightThere is a number of driving positions you can pick from at FedEx. You can decide to work for FedEx Express where the package delivery is done overnight or FedEx Ground where couriers take slightly longer. You can also consider working as a contractor or on a seasonal basis.

There’s an option of buying a FedEx delivery truck and once you own it you can work as an independent contractor for FedEx. An owner operator pay is approximately $38 000 per year and you’ll enjoy flexible working hours.

Either way, the salaries and freight employee benefits are quite attractive. The average Fedex driver salary for employees is $276K per year. So, from being a driver you can work your way up to some of the higher paying positions.

In case you’re unsure of the FedEx Freight jobs available, below are a couple you can pick from:

  • City Drivers.
  • Road Driver.
  • Freight Handler—can be part time or full time.
  • Driver Apprentice.
  • Freight Inspector.
  • Management Trainee Operations.
  • Shop Technician.
  • Supervisor Operations.
  • Warehouse Manager.
  • Custodian part-time.
  • Forklift Operators.
  • Management Trainee.

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Fedex Tractor Trailer Salaries

These drivers basically drive trucks with the wheel of a semi-attached and carry a cargo of around 80000lb. The starting pay for the FedEx tractor-trailer driver is roughly between $0.50 to $0.70 per mile. The hourly rate will range from $19.87 to $28.57.

If overtime is included the rate increases to somewhere between $29.50 and $41.81 per hour. This means that would be around & $39 500 you’ll make a year.

However, this depends on the city where the company is based. If you work for FedEx Alaska you can expect to earn significantly more—up to $49 400. These are the highest paid trailer truck drivers at FedEx.

Requirements for Tractor Trailer Drivers

After such a considerably attractive salary package you’re probably wondering what it takes to be a tractor-trailer driver. Below are the basic education and skill sets requirements:

  • Commercial drivers license.
  • Complete drivers & safety course.
  • Special license endorsements.
  • High school diploma.

Fedex Driver Apprentice Salary

Are you straight out of school or don’t have much driving experience? Then you can consider applying for the Fedex driver apprentice position. The pay scale is anything between $36 590 and $47 637 per year which is quite good for a driver apprentice salary.

Fedex CDL Driver Pay

Working as a CDL driver means you’ll get paid a lot of money. FedEx CDL driver’s hourly rate ranges between $26 to $29 dollars. Per year you can earn between $70 000 and $79 000 while the base salary is $75 770.

Fedex Ground Truck Driver Pay

Here you’ll either drive a box truck, van or line haul. The line haul usually carries heavy cargo and drives for long distances. On the other hand, the box truck has an enclosed cube shaped covering and also drives considerably long distances.

The typical FedEx Ground truck driver pay is approximately $48 326. An OTR long haul driver will get paid $55 880. This estimate is based on the salary reports which were provided by five ground class A truck drivers.

Final Words

From the above information it’s quite clear that careers at FedEx are worth pursuing. It offers a very attractive salary and bonus packages. Because it has branches all over the world you can decide on the country you want to work in.

Not only do they offer competitive market rates but they also care about the well being of their employees. Hard work is rewarded and individual efforts recognized.

If you want to be a driver at FedEx, there are a number of trucking jobs to pick from depending on your qualifications and experience.

Working for FedEx means you’ll be well taken care of financially –even after retirement. It has the worker at heart so, if you’re all for personal growth and attractive remuneration, working at FedEx is worth considering.