Internet TruckStop Load Board Review

Load Boards are an indispensable tool for people involved in the different sectors of the business of shipping using over-the-road trucking. They provide a hassle-free communication channel for shippers, freight broker, owner-operators, and small carriers alike. Through these online marketplaces, seventy percent of all shipping can be done efficiently.

Shippers can find brokers who are connected to truckers willing to move their loads to a specific destination in an organized time-saving fashion.

If you are a trucker looking to grab a slice of the 700-billion-dollar trucking industry, it will serve you well to find load boards that get you profitable loads and convenient truckstops that afford you some time for yourself. Internet Truckstop Load Board is one such service you should check out. It has received mostly favorable reviews.

Internet TruckStop Load Board – Where to Begin?

Available Subscription Options/Plans



Owning a Pro account will cost you a monthly fee of 149 US dollars. The account includes the best options available for truckers to facilitate efficient delivery of shipments.

You will have access to:

  • Heat maps depicting the highest outbound truckload rates and lower but competitive rates across all 50 states.
  • The feature that enables you to find loads you prefer and pin them to your dashboard.
  • The feature that lets you hide loads that you are not interested in.
  • Search results that are updated in real time.
  • An interface that allows brokers make offers to truckers and receive offers on loads they already posted.
  • History of previous experiences with particular brokers in the past.
  • A portal depicting the twenty highest paying loads.

You get all of these in addition to everything an Advanced account makes available to you.


Registering for the advanced account for $125 will fetch you all of the features available to someone with a Basic account and these additional features:

  • IFTA Fuel Tax tab gives you access to routing by ProMiles, which calculates your mileage in a matter of seconds.
  • The ability to document your trips and generate IFTA reports every quarter.
  • A tab that lets you see gas stops on your route together with the gas prices.
  • Optimized Stops lets you take the route with the gas stops and prices that you prefer.
  • Market rate trending via two charts depicting rates for the previous year and the 100-mile rate trend over the past 3 years.
  • Access to broker information and history.


You can sign up for Basic membership by agreeing to a monthly fee of $35. This plan allows you to perform a real-time search for loads as well as post loads. Decision tools like Pintac, which displays the number of loads posted in comparison to the number of trucks for your home state by default, are available. The load densities tool lets you do a side-by-side comparison of trucks to loads in states you select from your searches.

Those are the three available subscription options. While none of them come with a Free Trial, it is possible to arrange for the company to set up a demo for your benefit. Once you pay the subscription fee stipulated for the plan you desire, you will not be prompted to pay any extra fees.

Signing a contract is not a requirement for membership under each of these plans. It is pretty straightforward: pay for access to the load board for the duration you wish to work and unsubscribe as you see fit. Internet TruckStop classic 3.0 accepts credit card payments and bank transactions.

Main Features of ITS


  1. Comparison. It provides you with a detailed dataset to help you analyze the choices you are presented with and pick a load you are comfortable with. The load board gives you access to broker history. That gives you a sense of the kind of loads you will be delivering, the rates by equipment, and the days-to-pay rate. With custom sorting, yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly rate comparison are all at your fingertips.
  2. Rate Tools. This load board goes a long way in combating the problem of underbidding on offers by both brokers and owner-operators. With ITS, you can be sure that you are not bidding unnecessarily lower or paying so much higher than the industry’s median amount. This ensures that all stakeholders get a fair shake and are able to break even.
  3. Perform Matching in Real Time. This capability is a popular one with truckers who dread finding out that a load they booked has been delivered. The only available matches are for undelivered freight. You will find there are at least a million power units and half a million loads with offers for delivery at any given time.
  4. Locate the Hottest Loads. This is a feature that is only available with membership under the Pro plan. You get access to a portal depicting the twenty highest paying loads updated in real time. This information is critical to truckers for maximizing their profits.
  5. Optimized Stops. This gives you access to gas prices and gas stops on your route so you can choose the route with the most favorable prices and stops from your perspective. In addition, the IFTA Fuel Tax tab gives you access to routing by ProMiles, which calculates your mileage in a matter of seconds.

Using TruckStop Load Board after you Log In

TruckStop Load Board after you Log InWhen you’re done with the Truckstop login window, you will need to take some time to get through setup. It could seem complex at first but with a little patience, it becomes straightforward. On your dashboard, you will be asked to provide pertinent details about your truck prior to gaining access to the search portal. The procedure will be repeated for any truck you add.

When the search window pops up, you can see the default loads and destinations already set to match your state. However, you can now enter your custom search criteria to pinpoint the kind of routes, goods, and destinations you prefer. Bear in mind, though, that you will need to refresh the tab periodically to get the most current information.

You can explore the decision tools we outlined previously from this window as well. You get this and more functionality with the higher subscription options.

After logging in, brokers are similarly able to locate loads from both local and interstate shipping companies that fall under their coverage. They can search for refrigerated items, heavy-duty equipment, or hazardous material as the case may be. Thereafter, they can find truckers with available trucks using the Internet Truckstop Dispatch software.

It’s a fully functional website but it could use some smarter designing. Check out the mobile app for a more user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to find freight fast.