McElroy Truck Lines Pay Scale


McElroy Truck Lines is, without a doubt, one of the industry leaders in flatbed trucking in general. Based in Alabama, the company promotes itself as being committed to hiring the most capable truck drivers and being willing to offer decent salaries and benefits for a job well done.

There are different roles available for the qualified trucker at this company including owner operator, company driver, over the road trucker, and student graduate.

With over fifty years in the business and accolades to bolster their credibility like the Lowes Flatbed Carrier of the Year award and the Overall Carrier of the Year award, McElroy seems poised to continue delivering freight in a reliable manner for the foreseeable future.

About the McElroy Trucking Company

McElroy Truck LinesWhat began in 1964 as the Sumter Timber Company – a pulpwood trucking operation, which was founded by J.C McElroy, Junior – has grown to the extent that the company’s flatbed operation is now run as a separate division of the business called McElroy Lines.

Today, this new company with its headquarters in Cuba, Al., is capable of hauling large volumes of hardwood, shavings, chips, and sawdust to satellite terminals located in neighboring states across the region.

The drivers saddled with this responsibility benefit from the family environment that a family-run business like McElroy trucking company naturally provides. It is for this reason that they offer company drivers the option of taking time off the job to spend time with their families every weekend.

In fact, working in the regional unit or as a dedicated company driver gets you home time before the weekend. With McElroy transportation, over the road truckers and owner operators get to work only locally or regionally, benefit from an open door policy, drive the latest model of conventional tractors, receive permanent routes.

McElroy Trucking Jobs, Pay and Benefits


The only thing you need a heads up about is the fact that the McElroy Family environment is deeply rooted in Christianity. If that would not be a problem should they hire you to work on a truck line, the kind of job you take will determine the truck driver salary and bonuses that you are entitled to. Here is a fairly comprehensive summary of McElroy trucking pay, jobs and benefits.

Company Driver

  • Base pay of 700 dollars per week.
  • An average of 60 to 60 cents/mile on every load.
  • Vacation coverage for one week after the first year, two weeks after the third year, and three weeks after the tenth year.
  • Holiday coverage (8 in total).
  • Paid Layover.
  • Paid Detention.
  • Breakdown coverage.
  • Weekly pay via direct deposit.
  • Experienced drivers are entitled to a sign-on bonus between 2000 dollars and 4000 dollars.
  • Experienced drivers are entitled to a sign-on bonus between 2000 dollars and 4000 dollars.

Other perks include the following:

  • Access to a company-sponsored 401(k) account.
  • Pre-loaded and pre-tarped loads make up 65 percent of your loads.
  • Life Insurance coverage to the tune of 20,000 dollars.
  • Access to tracking by Qualcomm.
  • Accident, Dental, Disability, and Vision Insurance.
  • Hazard pay.
  • Rider program policy.
  • No hazardous materials (Hazmat).
  • Silver health insurance as an MTL employee.

Over the Road Trucker

Over the road company, truckers earn a different rate per mile based on the level of experience that they bring to either a local position or a regional job.

  • Local and Regional OTR truckers with less than one year on the job earn 45 cents per mile and 48 cents/mile respectively.
  • Local and Regional OTR truckers with over a year on the job earn 46 cents per mile and 49 cents/mile respectively.
  • Local and Regional OTR truckers with over two years on the job earn 47 cents per mile and 50 cents/mile respectively.
  • Local and Regional OTR truckers with over three years on the job earn 48 cents per mile and 51 cents/mile respectively.

Owner Operator Pay Scale

McElroy uses a different pay scale for owner-operators on a contract with the company. As an owner operator, you can work in the OTR department, locally, or regionally with routes in places in the Southeast like Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina to Midwestern states like Illinois and Ohio. Here is what lies in store for you:

  • 77 percent of gross freight pulling with your own truck.
  • 70 percent of gross freight loading with a McElroy truck.

The following perks usually accompany this role:

  • Fuel surcharge covered one hundred percent.
  • Pre-loaded and pre-tarped loads make up 70 percent of your loads.
  • Bonuses are earned on referrals and tags.
  • Discounts on parts, fuel, and tires.
  • Access to Insurance courtesy of McElroy.

Newly-Graduated Student


All newly-graduated students are qualified for employment by MTL. Before that can happen, however, you will have to participate in training for a period of 7 weeks. Four of those weeks are all about orientation, hands-on experience with an instructor one student at a time, and learning about driving in less-than-ideal scenarios like how to maneuver your way out of a blowout and hazardous conditions with the use of a simulator.

After on-the-yard training comes on-the-road training. This will encompass putting everything you learned from the safety managers and instructors in the first two weeks – like how to secure your loads and DOT regulations – into practice in the company of a driver trainer.

This will run through the sixth week. In the last week of training, your skills will be subjected to testing and if you succeed, you are eligible for work with the company.


  • Present a CDL (Class A) license.
  • Provide employment history up to 10 years where possible.
  • Provide military record if you served.
  • Provide Social Security Number.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Submit to drug screening, hair follicle, and physical test.
  • Present a clean driving record (No DUI or DWI).

Benefits and Perks

  • Training and orientation coverage ranging from 550 dollars to 1000 dollars based on experience and location.
  • Weekly home time while training is slated for weekends.
  • Paid lunch and lodging up to 2 weeks into training.
  • Graduate drivers get tuition reimbursement to the tune of 250 dollars a week, which comes out to a total of 5000 dollars for the entirety of training.

McElroy Truck Lines Reviews


On, there are several employee reviews of this company that are worth considering for anyone interested in trucking jobs the company has to offer so they can make comparisons with other companies. The reviews are mostly positive.

One current driver who has been with the company for 10 years had only good things to say. The positive things he listed include the great home time, fair pay, fully tarped loads, and health insurance.

Another former employee who drove in Indianapolis when he worked with the company called MTL a great trucking company to start with but stressed that location is a factor to consider because of the effect loads to be delivered far away from home, in places like Chicago, had on his earnings.

For another driver who currently drives a flatbed truck in Hagerstown, Maryland, no slip seating and weekends off are two good reasons to continue. He had complaints about the absence of loads in winter and the lack of bonuses.