PTL Trucking Pay

With over half-a-century in the business of hauling and delivering freight, Paschall Truck Lines Inc. (PASC), also known as PTL Trucking has built an operation that has active locations in 48 states in the US.

Founded by L.W Paschall and Mary Frank Paschall in 1937, the company has grown from operating only a single 1936 Ford Truck to over 100 different trucking equipment in 1982 when they sold the company and retired.

Today, the company’s services have expanded in number to include regional, dedicated, expedited and freight brokerage services. All of this applies to cross-border service in Mexico for the past 25 years. It is certainly worth your consideration whether you are a newbie or an experienced OTR driver looking to profit from a career at the company.

About the PTL Trucking Company

Paschall Truck LinesPTL transportation has a fleet that comprises at least 3200 trailers and 1200 tractors. These vehicles, together with trailer tracking courtesy of Skybitz, are always on hand to provide customers with secure, timely, reasonably-priced delivery of your truckloads and shipments every day of the week. It certainly helps to have a 3PL in the form of Paschall Logistics and partnerships with over 7000 carriers.

Same-day delivery and next-day deliveries are made regionally with the help of terminals located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Memphis Tennessee. In addition to fleets operating regionally, PTL Trucking offers the private fleet treatment to customers who want custom management and control dedicated to their particular business.

How about just-in-time delivery? PTL offers expedited delivery with over 150 teams working over the phone and around the clock to ensure you meet tight deadlines.

With freight brokerage, customers get access to Paschall logistics (PSHJ), which gets them competitive rates on both short-term and long-term contracts.

PTL Trucking Orientation

If you are just starting out in the business, you will have to go through a process in order for you to become a qualified long haul trucker. That is where PTL Trucking orientation and training comes in. The orientation lasts a grand total of two days after which you will be allowed to take to the road with a personal trainer in tow so that you can cover 5000 miles as is required.

Following scheduled home time, you will move to the second phase of your training, where you get paid bonuses for working in a truck line in particular regions and cities. Working in New York, for example, will get you 100 dollars in city pay aside from your payment per mile. If you prefer training with a terminal in the Northeast, the bonus is 75 dollars on top of your rate per mile.

While PTL trucking pay starts at 0.33 dollars per mile for rookie drivers, on the average, the pay is way lower for drivers in training. Former employees say that the average figure for student drivers is as low as 0.15 dollars per mile on average. This is fairly constant with a few bonuses thrown into the mix for the entire duration of training, which is typically six months. It must be completed, otherwise, you will be charged around 1500 dollars for leaving before it’s done.

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PTL Trucking Requirements

What do you need to have in order to get started working with PTL trucking company? Regardless of the type of contract you have with the company, a driver application must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • Provide residential address for the past three years.
  • Drivers must be 22 years old at the very least.
  • Provide a valid Class A CDL license.
  • Drivers must have at least 12 months of over-the-road experience.
  • Provide a clean driving record showing no greater than 3 traffic violations going back three years.

If all of that is in order, you have a shot at your desired job. As a company driver, you are entitled to a sign-on bonus worth a thousand dollars.

With weekly mileage ranging from 2500 miles per week to 2800 miles per week on the average, you stand a chance of earning a competitive wage. It is now time to review the nitty gritty of Paschall Lines jobs and pay scale.

Paschall Truck Lines Jobs and Pay Scale



One of the divisions at this one hundred percent employee-owned franchise is the OTR division, which requires some level of verifiable trucking experience. It gives aspiring OTR drivers a way to earn a share of ownership with every mile covered. Here are the perks and benefits that come with driving PTL trucks:

  • Recognition as a fully-vested owner in as little as five years.
  • Eligibility for the owned equity retirement program.
  • Matching to a 401(k) account.
  • Vacation coverage.
  • A sign-on bonus worth a thousand dollars.
  • Those who were trained by the company are eligible for 6000 dollars in tuition reimbursement.
  • Life Insurance coverage.
  • Dental Insurance coverage.
  • Medical Insurance coverage.
  • Eligibility for the special schedule with home time for 2 days following 7 days of work.
  • New trucks not more than one and a half years old.

Owner Operator

Owner Operator is another career opportunity available at PTL truck lines. It comes with similar benefits to company drivers. Working in this capacity means you will be spending more time on the road than an OTR trucker – typically ten to fourteen days. On the bright side, you are granted greater control over how much you make and have the option of working close to home.

  • Job does not include loading and unloading.
  • Job precludes forced dispatch.
  • Owner-operators do not have to deliver freight to Canada.
  • Owner-operator routes do not include New York.
  • Access to direct deposit free of charge.
  • Eligibility for full-time rider & pet policy free of charge.
  • Fuel cards for refueling free of charge at selected stations.
  • Weekly bonus.
  • Access to permits and base plates for no fee and bonus pay if you choose to go with yours.
  • Mileage ranging from 2800 to 3400 miles per week on average.
  • Transflo coverage.
  • Access to Medical care.
  • Reasonably low fuel surcharge.
  • Trailer relocation pay.

Team Driver

Team drivers, like experienced OTR drivers, have a shot at becoming fully-vested owners in as little as five years. The salary scale is very competitive from the perspective of annual income, not to mention the many opportunities for extra pay along the way. Here are what team drivers with PTL can expect:

  • Team bonus of 0.20 cents per mile for every mile beyond 4000 miles in a week.
  • No prior experience with team driving.
  • Performance bonuses every quarter.
  • The constant flow of team freight.
  • Pay raise following six months of work.
  • A sign-on bonus worth a thousand dollars.
  • One hundred percent No-Touch freight with Drop and Hook comprising sixty percent.
  • Job precludes forced dispatch.
  • New trucks not more than one-and-a-half-year old.
  • Vacation coverage.
  • Hometime schedule once a week or every other week.

Lease Purchase

With the Lease program, you can earn up to 135,000 dollars per year as you can count on the company’s Dedicated Lease Team to get you access to customized options with an attractive CPM. Here are the perks:

  • Eligibility for warranty and maintenance programs.
  • Down payment is not required.
  • Home time is scheduled according to your needs.
  • Choice of either short term or long term leasing.
  • Freight is reserved for lease purchase so there isn’t a competition with company drivers.
  • Choice of either percentage pay or pay per mile.
  • Work is done with brand new trucks and high-performance car models.


Student or Trainee drivers at PTL driving school also have the opportunity of earning ownership with every mile covered as they study to qualify for a CDL A license. The company claims their student driver pay is the best you can get in the industry and that you make earnings as much as 85000 dollars in a year. Here’s what is in store for students in PTL training:

  • Sign-on bonus worth 1200 dollars.
  • Vacation coverage.
  • Access to a 401(k) account.
  • Eligibility for 6000 dollars in tuition reimbursement.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Dental Insurance.
  • Life Insurance coverage from day one.
  • Eligibility for the earned equity retirement program (ESOP).
  • APU-equipped fleet.

PTL Trucking Reviews

On, a former employee who worked at Paschall company part-time only had good things to say about his time with the company where he remembers meeting some really nice people.

A current employee from Murray, Kentucky, who has been working full-time at the company for over three years praised the flexible way in which PTL handles home time. He had complaints, however, and was unhappy with the pay and extra workload outside of his job.

The reviews are similarly mixed on A current employee of PTL transport who wrote a review when he was one month into a career as a Solo OTR driver was pleased to be able to make 1000 dollars a week.

In his view, critical reviews distort the company’s operation. He said he wasn’t disappointed like some who have written negative reviews because he understands that the trucking industry is performance-based and doesn’t have a problem with hard work.