Roadrunner Transportation Pay

roadrunner-freightRoadrunner Transportation otherwise known as Roadrunner Freight is a well-established industry leader in the business of loading and unloading freight. As such, its rates are among the most competitive for both new and experience drivers. In fact, there are a number of divisions from which to choose.

If you are interested in earning a decent salary while working on a schedule that is right for you, this article will discuss what is in store for you with regard to Roadrunner transportation pay.

To get started, you will have to meet the company’s requirements. These include being at least 21 years of age, having a CDL-A license, and a year of hands-on experience working with a trailer-tractor.

While the company does give preference to those with a hazmat endorsement from a reputable school, it is not strictly required but truckers are required to present clean criminal report and driving records.

Roadrunner Owner Operator Pay

Roadrunner-Owner-Operator-PayWorking with the company as an owner-operator means you will be hauling loads in a 53-foot van trailer with the option of driving such a truck on lease from Roadrunner Freight. Drivers familiar with the process put the cost of the leasing at 800 dollars every month and have indicated that owner-operators are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Owner-operator pay and benefits include:

  • Gross Pay in the range of 85 percent to as much as 96 percent on delivery runs.
  • Work without the hassle that comes with forced dispatch.
  • Discounts on fuel.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Discount on maintenance.
  • The option of working with a co-worker.

Roadrunner Intermodal

RoadRunner-IntermodalThe Intermodal division at Roadrunner has three subdivisions. These are the Regional, Local, and OTR units. The minimum age requirement for working in Intermodal trucking is 23 years. Company drivers and owner-operators typically work in this unit. As a company driver, you get:

  • Referral bonuses.
  • Yearly safety incentives.
  • Vacation coverage.
  • Settlements on a weekly basis.
  • Base pay of up to 0.44 dollars per mile.
  • Owner-operators, on the other hand, stand to receive a weekly pay of 2700 dollars on the average – an impressive pay scale.

Roadrunner Expedite

RoadRunner-ExpediteIn the Roadrunner Expedite division, owner-operators are in high demand. They are afforded the flexibility of time at home in between jobs as well as a chance to part of a lease program.

The hire purchase and lease program comes with lots of perks including no money down, a full maintenance plan, weekly bonuses and access to the latest van trailers or trailer trucks. Their expertise, which includes speed in transit for expedited delivery, fetches them a good salary whether they choose to work solo or as part of a team:

  • Solo drivers are paid at a rate of as much 210,000 dollars per year.
  • Team drivers are paid at a rate of as much as 350,000 dollars per year.
  • Settlements on a weekly basis.
  • Contractor support.
  • Health/Medical Insurance.
  • Field discount.

Roadrunner Truckload Plus

Roadrunner-Truckload-PlusThis is another excellent opportunity for lease purchase or owner-operators looking to work with Roadrunner Freight. There are loads available all across the nation for workers with the requisite experience working in the Truckload Plus division.

The following are some of the benefits you stand to benefit from if you qualify:

  • The right to pick the load you would like to haul is granted.
  • Eligibility for weekly bonus payments.
  • Medical/Health Insurance plan coverage.
  • Fuel Surcharge (FSC) coverage.
  • Loads are reserved for owner operators only and so there are no worries about competition.
  • Eligibility for discounts on bulk fuel purchase.
  • Referral bonuses.
  • Sign-on incentives.
  • Eligibility for receiving up to 85 percent in revenue pay regardless of which loads you choose.

Roadrunner Carriers

Roadrunner-CarriersCompany drivers willing to drive Roadrunner trucks make up the bulk of the Roadrunner carrier division but owner-operators with access to the best financing on new trucks in the industry and are also welcome. The breakdown of the average salary and benefits that follows is, therefore, derived from company drivers in particular. In order to drive a company truck, you will need to obtain a CDL A. Perks include:

  • Access to dedicated lanes with as much as 2800 miles per week on the average.
  • Base pay starts 0.45 dollars per mile on every mile.
  • Detention Pay.
  • Layover Pay.
  • Retention bonus of 3000 dollars annually.
  • Weekly pay of 1200 dollars, which when added to the retention bonus, totals 65,400 dollars annually.
  • Hometime scheduled every week.
  • Referral bonuses.
  • Orientation coverage.
  • Coverage of 401(k) plans.
  • Eligibility for coverage of vacation time.
  • Access to the latest equipment.

Roadrunner Trucking Tracking

One of the things at the forefront of operations/services at Roadrunner is Trucking/freight tracking. The ability to track provides drivers working in specific divisions with the ability to pick the loads that they prefer to carry.

This division is, therefore, a great fit for owner-operators and represents one of the best opportunities to earn a high salary with Roadrunner.

Being able to choose loads according to preference puts owner operators in control of their budget and allows them to be efficient in loading and unloading. That is because rather than having to skim through available loads or freight lines on a load board, working in this capacity means the company will get in touch with you whenever there are loads that meet your preference.

Owner-operators can completely focus on shipping with the company handling express tracking. It, thus, becomes a lot more possible to get loads to be delivered within specific regions close to home or even those that let you work from home.

Roadrunner Transportation Driver Reviews


What is it like working for Roadrunner? The best answers to that question should come from those who work or have worked there? There are a number of reviews from both current and former employees on and The driver reviews are mixed.

One driver on described the company as “a fine place to work” and said he found that management and staff exuded confidence as they went about their duties but that they were also quite understanding people. One time he had to deal with a medical issue, he was allowed to take as much time as he needed and was welcomed with open arms when he returned.

Another driver from Green River, Wyoming, had a similar review of work at the company by describing the environment at RRTS as a family-oriented environment. It is an environment that made it possible for him to work in all the departments at Roadrunner transport where he learned so much.

On, some reviews were less flattering. One driver who worked at Roadrunner Transportation Systems for more than nine years says he would not recommend the company because they have “high-cost insurance with poor coverage” and do not care about when you need to be home.